14 February 2001 00:10
Info about Biohazard 2's main characters.
Leon Scott Kennedy
Age: 21Blood type: A

A rookie officer who has just been hired by Raccoon City Police. Unfortuanlly just a couple of days after starting on his law enforcement career, the City's population pretty much died on him. He appears to share the cool toughness of a trained police officer, and the tentativeness of a rookie.

Elza Walker
Age: 19Blood type: O

An active young lady who loves motorcycles. With hopes of recruiting fellow biker fans at Raccoon City university to form a racing team, she left her big city home for the sleepy quiet of Raccoon City alone on her bike.
Little did she know that the city was already overwhelmed by the undead. Her first misstake is to seek refuge in the police station. As a cool, level-headed and yet aggressive city girl, will Elza's motorcycle knowledge help her?

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