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lucid resident evil

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:55 pm    Post subject: lucid resident evil Reply with quote

Hi all,

I thought I share this.

You may or may not know about thing called lucid dreaming. Who do not know then it is a dreaming state where you are actually awake. You can control your dreams and stuff.

See and

Now in a forums of these places, many member set themselves a goal: Like fly around world, ride with unicorn etc.

Whats the point in resident evil you may ask?

Well, to be honest, it all started when I got Resident Evil 1 and 2. During the first time I played Resident Evil, I had dreams at the same night, places where different but concept same. Somehow I record dream next day. Ever since when I saw dream about resident evil I wrote it down. Now... In lucid dreaming your first task is to write down your dreams. So I did took my old notebook and read all dreams I have written there. I begun to experimenting with these. I set few tasks: walking around in raccoon city. I can say I have somewhat succeeded. Need more practice though.

Now I am trying to do more exiting thing: play resident evil 1.5 in dreams. This could lead to something very interesting...

And now, I would love to hear from you have you recorded your dreams? Do you remember any particular dream about Resident Evil? I'd love to hear from that. Anyway, here goes my 1 normal dream and 1 lucid dream

"Cable Car" - Normal Dream
Midnight. I was in Raccoon City, somewhere near hospital, perhaps behind the park. I somehow found a weird narrow street and got from there to Cable Car. I remembered that I needed to go somewhere. Everything was normal, no zombies. I was wondering where everyone was. I felt kind of afraid. The trees smelled good and air was warm.
Then I saw a zombie behind window. I began to run and was very scared. It was so real. Then I woke up.

"Mansion Test" - Lucid Dream
Goal: Walk around freely in the mansion of Resident Evil 1
After I understood I was sleeping I made a quick spin and kinda "reloaded" level (this is hint from lucid dream methods) and voila, it was mansion. Mansion was very clear, you can actually look around and see same type rendered background from another angles. Then I woke up.
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