14 February 2001 00:00

In the early hours of July 25, two ragged survivors of the missing STARS Alpha Team were helicoptered to safety in Raccoon City. The pair were in a physically exhausted, and highly agitated state. They were immediately transferred to the Police Hospital, then moved to the State General Hospital where they recounted their incredible and horrific experience.

From their statements, it was discovered that the mansion in the forest was in fact a front for a secret underground facility for the development and testing of biological weapons. Subsequently, Umbrella, the owner of the forest property and a major pharmaceutical firm, was put under intense investigation. As a result, a large, easily indictable volume of evidence was discovered detailing horrifying experiments on living organisms including humans at the mansion.

Because of this unbelievable scandal, now called the Umbrella Incident, a large number of the firm's employees were arrested and the company was ordered to cease operations immediately.

But even as this furor raged, the second bio hazard outbreak was already creeping out from the deep recesses of hell. . .

Just two months after the fateful explosion in the forest, Raccoon City had become a city of the living dead.

It all started with an outbreak of a seemingly minor but curious skin disease. Although some voiced concerns about the disease's connection to the explosion, adequate investigations were not carried out. Even as the authorities dawdled, the skin disease spread with an incredible speed throughout the population. Until one day people began to die and to later rise again as the living dead. The zombies attacked humans who themselves returned to un-life. Their numbers swelled explosion like in a matter of days. No one could explain what had happened, what was happening, or what was going to happen.

Raccoon Police Department is situated at the dead center of town. Like everywhere else in the city, it has been overrun by zombies. Now most of the cops are zombies, too.

In one room at the top floor of the station house are the few tattered survivors of Raccoon Police's finest. They have so far managed to barricade the door against the probing hands and hungry maws of the zombies, but food and ammunition are running out, and these few truly living are very close to breaking. The entire city is swarming with the unliving, and the dead lying everywhere are rising again,.time is running out - or has it already?.

One of the police survivors, a rookie cop named Leon who had just been assigned to the Raccoon City Police, decides to run the gauntlet of zombies to break out of the station, and then to freedom beyond. Just as Leon is screwing up his courage, a young woman bursts through the station's doors astride her motorcycle seeking refuge with the police.

Leon and Elza's nightmareish adventure have just started...

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