28 February 2001 00:10
R.P.D Lobby
A couple of small images showing some scenes with Elza and Leon in the R.P.D lobby.

The lobby was the waiting room and main entrance of the Raccoon Police Department.

A close up shot of a zombie cop approaching Leon next to the entrance, the zombie's facial expressions are more realistic than the preceding title, perhaps enough for Leon to recognize former colleagues...

What appears to be the city's map is displayed on the wall, it would probably be very useful to Elza who's new in town. But before taking a peek, Elza have to ice some zombies.

A large group of zombies wanders the Lobby. The wide variety of uniforms suggests representation of zombie cops from various departments.

The R.P.D lobby possible served the same purpose as the main hall of the mansion in the first game.

The doors once open to the public, have been closed to keep out the hungry zombies. The metal shutters keep a swarm of zombies from braking into the R.P.D. Although there are zombies inside the building, it may still be preferable compared to the wide spread carnage outside.

Leon blast away a swarm of zombie cops next to the entrance shutter.

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