3 December 2003 13:30
Biohazard 2 Misc Section # 2

General Game Information

Bio Hazard 2
Publisher: CAPCOM CO.,LTD
System: Sony PlayStation
Genre: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release: March '97 (tentative)
Price: TBD
Format: Single CD-ROM
Players: 1

As you can see in the information above, Biohazard 2 (1.5) Was a single CD game just like the original. Leon and Elza's adventure could be chosen from the scenario select screen.

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Leon's scenario started on the RPD roof, the heliport. Elza's scenario started in the RPD's main entrance, the lobby.

Release Date: March 1997...

So what happened? This is a news tidbit about one of the official reasons to the "delay".

CAPCOM announces delay for BIO HAZARD 2 release.

On Feb 18, a contingent of Capcom VIPs gathered in Shinjuku, Tokyo, for a special strategy meeting for the upcoming sequel to adventure/horror game BIO HAZARD. Between its March 1996 release date and February 4 of this year, BIO HAZARD shipped a total of one million units, ranking it as one of Capcom's flagship products along with the Street Fighter series.

The company planned to ship the game's much anticipated sequel, BIO HAZARD 2, to expectant PlayStation owners this spring, but have now decided to extend the game's development period. The move, which suggests a bigger and better final product, will delay the shipping date to the winter of 1997, when Capcom can take advantage of the Christmas buying frenzy.

Heftier than its predecessor, the PlayStation game will feature two entirely different characters and scenarios and retail on two CD-ROMs. During the Shinjuku strategy meeting, R & D chief Yoshiki Okamoto announced Capcom's decision to release a Sega Saturn version of BIO HAZARD 2.

Summary: As this is official news it seem like Capcom actually scrapped Biohazard 2 version 1.5 only a month (or two) before it's planed release date.

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