24 march 2001 02:10
Biohazard 1.5 facts and info

Ok... As everybody probably know - the game that now is called Biohazard (Resident evil) 1.5 (or prototype as Capcom have named it) is the original version of Biohazard 2 that was set to be released in March 1997, but this original version of Biohazard 2 was scrapped very near completion - At 70-80 % through production --Why?-- The official word from Capcom stated that it was scrapped because it played to much like the first Biohazard game (Like that should be something bad!) So Capcom started (almost) completely over again and made the BH 2 that we all know and love .... Anyway, this unreleased version had some really cool weapons enemies and scenes that never made it to the "new" version of BH 2.

In BH 1.5 the main characters was: Leon S. Kennedy -Click text for image- Basiclly same guy as in BH 2, the main difference was that Leon already was working in the R.P.D when the virus outbreak occurred. Elza Walker -Click text for image- A young motorcycle daredevil who had just arrived to Raccoon city, she was replaced by Claire Redfield in BH 2, the main difference between Elza and Claire is that Elza have no connection to Chris Redfield, there of a big difference in the original story of BH 2. One interesting thing with the main characters in BH 1.5 was that they had some animations not include in BH 2 -Click text for image- Both characters hold their guns in a pose ready to fire -Click text to download short gif animation of Leon-.

The characters that survived the transition from BH 1.5 to BH 2 was: Sherry Birkin -Click text for image- Anette Birkin -Click text for image- William Birkin (In human and mutated form) Linda (Ada Wong in BH 2) -Click text for image- She probably was a scientist working for Umbrella before it was closed down - Marvin Branagh -Click text for image- Marvin was Leons supporting character and was playable instead of Ada Wong in BH 2 (In Elza's scenario Sherry Birkin was playable just like in BH 2) Police Chief Brian Irons -Click text for image- Irons was a good guy compared to the sinister Police Chief of BH 2, Irons were wounded in BH 1.5 - John (Robert Kendo in BH 2) -Click text for image- John was Elzas supporting character and had a much larger role in BH 1.5 then in BH 2. There were one character in BH 1.5 that never made it to the new game - Roy (DJ) -Click text for image- He probably was one of the surviving R.P.D officers, maybe a colleague to Leon - Note that Capcom used Leon's early design of R.P.D uniform for Roy. Ben was the only character that was not in the original game.

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In BH 1.5 there were a lot more different enemies than in BH 2. There were more types of zombies -Click text for image- The fat zombies, skinny zombies, running zombie, crawling zombies - There even were zombies of different sexes and races. In the monster department we have a couple of interesting creatures that never made it to BH 2, first we have the big man-spider monster -Click text for image- which looks like a bigger and more advanced version of the chimeras in BH 1 - The "normal" spiders were also in the game, but they had some new ways to attack that were not found in BH 2, in BH 1.5 they could crawl out of ventilation shafts similar to the way the spiders enter in BH:CV -Click text for image- Secondly we have the big gorilla look alike monsters -Click text for image- These came in two versions, the big boss gorillas and the small baby gorillas - Third we have the big crocodile monster -Click text for image- As you know this monster made it to BH 2, but in BH 1.5 there were two different versions of it, the big one from BH 2 but also small baby crocodiles. William Birkin when mutated also looked a bit different then in BH 2 -Click text for image-

There were many weapons in BH 1.5 that unfortunately never made it to BH 2, the best example is the hand-grenades and the different automatic weapons - In BH 1.5 There were different safety west's that you could equip so the enemy attacks made less damage -Click text for image- The fire resistant west probably were to be used in the fire "inferno" section(s) of the game, the safety west's also lets you carry more ammo and items - The enemies could rip your clothes so that they looked torn when heavily damaged -Click text for image- and you could get blood stained if you took out a zombie at point-blank range - The gore level were also higher than in BH 2, the zombies virtually exploded in a rain of blood and guts when being hit by Leon or Elza's powerful weapons. -Click text to download short gif animation -

One of the biggest differences from BH 1.5 to BH 2 is the backgrounds -Click text for image- They are totally different, more modern looking than the backgrounds in BH 2 - The R.P.D in BH 1.5 looks more like a real police department than the one in BH 2 - The R.P.D jail also looks more like a real jail -Click text for image- The fact that there actually is zombies in the cells reaching out trying to grab you makes it look like one of the coolest places in BH 1.5. BH 1.5 also seems to have more outdoor scenes like in BH 3 - If you have seen the movies of BH 1.5 you have probably heard that the music also is somewhat different from BH 2, the sound clips in the movies are not very long, but you can still hear that the original music sounded really moody. The story of BH 1.5 was more complicated as it included many more (living) characters than the BH 2 story - As you now can understand, BH 1.5 is almost a totally different game than BH 2.

My conclusion of all this info, from what I have seen and heard of this game, Biohazard 1.5 really looks to good to never see the light of day, and it would be a real shame if Capcom decides not to release this game to the public.

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