24 March 2001 01:40
Police Chief's Office
A couple of small images showing some scenes with Elza and Leon in the Police Chief's Office.

The Police Chief's Office is located at the top floor of the Raccoon City Police Department building.

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The office has a model of the ongoing urban development project managed by the City. Upon completion the city would have undergone an intense transformation, the sheer size of the model indicates the immense scale of the project. (Question: Why would the chief of police have this model? Or is that where the real balance of power lies in the City?) Given that mega-projects of this nature inevitably involve political corruption perhaps this civic project is somehow tied to the now closed down company Umbrella...

Zombies wander even in the R.P.D building's top floor - and everywhere else.

The Police Chief's Office was used primarily for receiving visitors. As the Chief normally commanded the R.P.D from Office A, this room was often empty.

Unlike the austere air of the rest of the building, the Police Chief's Office is lavishly and expensively decorated. The view outside opens to a forest of buildings and neon billboards.

Befitting the command post of the police chief,,, would it be hoping to much for a secret exit favored by those in power?.

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