9 February 2001 15:59
R.P.D Reception
A couple of small images showing some scenes with Elza and Leon in the R.P.D Reception area.

All zombies defeated, Leon looks at the corpses of his former police colleagues.

Desk tops are cluttered with all kinds of junk. You might find something useful, maybe a key to open up one of the locked areas of the R.P.D, so be sure to check carefully.

The reception area of Raccoon City Police is primarily used by Traffic, Civic and the PR Department. As this area is staffed by departments not involved with violent crime, it doesn't appear likely that there will be powerful weapons or highly sensitive information lying around.

When facing zombies, try to keep an obstacle like a desk between you and them. Be careful so you don't get steered into a corner.

The zombies in this room are all former cops. They apparently want Leon to become one of their own again...

A variety of communication devices including phones and personal computers can be found here. Although it may be too much to hope for a direct line out, but the communication system within the building might still work, only problem seems to be that this area is out of power.

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