24 March 2001 01:30
R.P.D Shutters system
Some info about the shutters system in the R.P.D.

The RPD building is fitted with a system of reinforced shutters to prevent the escape of criminals and protect against riots. However, before these could be fully deployed, the City was overwhelmed by zombies and other mutations.

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Elza and Leon should systematically open and close shutters to keep zombies away. Be careful as some shutters obscure what lurks behind. They are quite simple in that they can be just opened and closed, but they open up new possibilities.

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Zombies appear from behind the shutter. Had this been kept closed, you wouldn't have had to face these monsters.

Keeping the shutter closed locks zombies out. Of course, it could also mean keeping yourself trapped inside. Leon walks down a empty hallway. Imagine how nasty it would be if the shutter behind him suddenly opened...

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Shutter open, and no zombies in sight, time for Leon to explore the new area that lies behind.

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