24 March 2001 01:45
R.P.D Weapons Storage
A couple of small images showing some scenes with Elza and Leon in the R.P.D Weapons storage.

Elza finds something in a locker. Is it something a person without any military training could handle?.

Zombie guard dogs patrol the Weapon Room. Because of their agility, they pose a greater threat than zombies. Rather than trying to run, stand your ground and blast them away.

All the weapons in the R.P.D are stored in this room. It is located close to the underground parking lot, probably because it is convenient for arming officers departing the building & relieving them of their munitions on their return. Note that the weapons storage is located next door to the firing range.

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For Elza, this room could be a blessing, as she is essentially unarmed, this would probably be her first choice of destination to score handguns, shotgun, grenades, safety wests and perhaps weapons even stronger than the previous title's rocket launcher.

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Of course, it would be too much to expect this task to be easy. Given the nature of items under storage, expect to face some sort of security measure such as keys, card key, password, etc.

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